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How do you determine who is going to provide your ultrasound needs?

Everyone is claiming to be the authority, the experts, and the most knowledgeable with the best sales and service.
In fact, there are good, reputable ultrasound sources out there. We want to be yours and we'll do what we can to make you one of our long-standing, happy customers. We are one of the pioneers in ultrasound service and sales. We use our knowledge to prevent costly downtime and provide the right fit for your imaging needs.  What sets us apart from the rest?

We provide new and pre-owned ultrasound machines and ultrasound transducers at very competitive prices and service second to none. In fact, many common service issues are pre-addressed before your equipment is delivered.

Call us or email us now for the personalized service you deserve. The Sentinel Imaging Group with decades of Multivendor Ultrasound training, global and Domestic supply sources and a full expertly trained consultant and service team is here to help are ready to show you the Sentinel Advantage.

We offer:
  • Equipment Service
  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Transducer Repairs
  • Professional medical Imaging Consulting
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