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Sentinel Imaging - New Facility
The Sentinel Imaging Groups new headquarters, repair labs and sales offices. 1172 Winola Road, Clarks Summit, Pa. 18411

What Is The Sentinel Advantage?

We Are Primarily A Service/Repair Facility

The Sentinel Advantage starts with premier service and repair. Sentinel is equipped with a state of the art ultrasound probe repair lab. Add to that an ultrasound system engineering department for machine repairs and R&D refining and expanding our capabilities. We have nearly 80 years of combined experience. One of our founders has been in the field since ultrasound’s inception. The Sentinel Imaging Group, as a company, has been providing exemplary service for over 10 years.

Sentinel Imaging is one of the pioneers of independent multi-vendor service and sales. Many newer vendors, staffed only for sales, utilize us as their repair department. For example, if you send your BK transducer to another vendor for repairs, it will most likely be sent to our facility to have the repairs done. Contact us directly and eliminate the middle man charges.

Need us to come to you? Sentinel offers on-site repairs, preventative maintenance, and service contracts. That’s just part of The Sentinel Advantage!

Why Should You Purchase Your Equipment From Us?
We Are A Service Group That Sells Equipment - What sets us apart from the rest?

We can offer better deals on equipment because our bottom line is not derived from sales only. A major portion of our profit comes from service and repair. This allows us to offer prices that sales only outlets can’t match! Our knowledgeable sales team, backed by our expert technical staff makes us the authority on ultrasound.
Not all ultrasound machines are created equal. We don’t want your facility losing money with a down machine. We also prefer not to incur expensive warranty or service contract repairs if we don’t have to. We’d rather invest that money into new products, services, and pass along savings! Our vast experience allows us to help you select the best fit for your practice and steer you away from known problematic machines. Our engineering department has a thorough quality checklist for all equipment leaving our facility. Sales driven vendors can lay claim to providing “the best for less”. Let Sentinel Imaging show you and them how to do it right! That’s another part of The Sentinel Advantage!

Now The Most Important Part… You, The Customer!

Without you, the customer, We wouldn’t exist. We want you to be satisfied and happy from our first transaction and build a long lasting relationship. We want you to look no further than Sentinel Imaging for all of your ultrasound needs. If you are new to Sentinel, we will gladly provide you with references from our many satisfied customers. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and welcome you to check us out.

If you have a question, need information, pricing, or support (sometimes a phone call can fix things) give us a call. No obligation. No pressure.
Discover The Sentinel Advantage!

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To Those Who Have Discovered The Sentinel Advantage:

Sentinel would like to thank our long standing and returning customers. Without you, we would not be where we are today.

Sincerely- The Sentinel Imaging Group
BBB A+ Rating

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