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Why Chose Sentinel?

Are you looking for the right ultrasound equipment, at the right price?

Would you like your ultrasound equipment to cause you the least possible downtime?

We are trying to do it better.  We were one of the early pioneers of ultrasound sales and service. The market is becoming crowded with ultrasound equipment vendors of all shapes and sizes. There are good outlets out there. We want to be yours. If you are interested in learning about us and how we are trying to be the best, please read on.

Each sale is a win-win situation for all involved. We carry the same products as many but you will acquire, at a competitive price, the best fit ultrasound solution with less chance of downtime. For you this diminishes the amount of income loss and repair expense of a down machine (and all the exam rescheduling headaches that go with it). Overall a better ROI (Return on Investment). For us we are able to keep on schedule with our planned PM and service issues without the headaches caused by constantly having to put out unexpected fires. Through our knowledge and use of technology we can provide solutions that are hard to beat.

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